A $100 VALUE!


The HY-IMPACT Difference:
Uses 3 independent therapies

Deep tissue massage, intense heat and variable compression therapy

Lightweight & Therapeutic
The powerful pulsating massage relaxes your muscles instantly

18 soothing combinations

Easy to use control panel allows you to customize your treatment to fit your needs

Lightweight & Therapeutic 

 Uses 3 independent therapies for Maximum relief!

Deep tissue massage

The powerful pulsating massage relaxes your muscles instantly. Choose from 3 intensity levels to further help penetrate aching muscles.

Intense Heat
The heated back massage belt can quickly heat up to provide soothing hot therapy to help relieve back discomfort, lower back pain, and improve blood circulation.

Variable Compression

Precise air pressure technology to administer decompression therapy to your spine.

Quiet Motor



Deep Tissue


Relieve Muscle

Soreness & Stiffness


Lithium Ion Battery

6 Speed


“The decompression mode really helps alleviate the pressure and pain in my back”

Hassle-free lower back therapy 

for instant relief ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!

Easy to use control panel 

allows you to create 18 different soothing combinations

With Posture Correcting Support and a design for max comfort

“This belt is magic! I put it on and the pain is gone”